Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Squirrels Update

All is well with the squirrels (as in Flying Squirrels, my fantasy football team). I'm 6-1, with my lone loss coming because Andy Reid decided not to tell me that Brian Westbrook wouldn't be playing. Adrian Peterson has been huge, of course, but I actually had him benched 2 or 3 of the first few weeks because I didn't trust the Vikings to keep running him. I've led the league in scoring 3 of 7 weeks, coming in second 2 others. I lead the league in scoring by just shy of 100 points.

Here's the updated lineup:

Carson Palmer
David Garrard

(Losman showed his stripes quickly, and in Palmer's bye, AD had his superpowered game)

Adrian Peterson
Brian Westbrook
Marshawn Lynch
Derrick Ward

(Ladell Betts was a long-shot late round pick, anyway, so losing him was no tragedy. Lynch and Ward were nice in week 5, and I don't see having to do much scrambling in this area for the rest of the season)

Torry Holt
Donald Driver

Plaxico Burress
Santonio Holmes
Calvin Johnson

(Evans went bust, and Johnson hasn't really played the superstar, but Holt, Driver, and Burress have been strong enough to carry the team admirably. I picked up Santonio recently when someone didn't want to put up with his injuries anymore.)

Antonio Gates
Owen Daniels

(Gates is the only TE that matters, well worth the late 3rd round pick. Here's hoping he doesn't get injured)

Nick Folk
David Akers

(meh, they're kickers... Folk plays for the Cowboys, so he gets more chances.)


(I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Chargers in the Free Agent pool after week 4.)

So there we go. The part I like best about this is that none of the players are on teams that will wrap the division up early, therefore, they'll likely be playing until the end.

Jesse, how's your team doing? Haven't talked with ya in a while. Give me updates, man!

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  1. check my page. i've got a full fantasy update!