Friday, August 24, 2007

Slowly Moving In

Things to Notice

Using the combined power of blogspot and, I've added a couple of modules to the blog. On the left, you'll notice a short playlist. If you press play, you'll play songs that are currently in my 'hotlist' (a rotating list of 50 songs that I'm currently enjoying just a lilttle bit more than the rest). On the right, a list of the top 8 artists I've listened to over the past week. I used to go with songs, but I'm listening to more full albums now, so it makes more sense to do it by artists.

I've also added a short list of websites, which I'll obviously be adding to, deleting from, and pretty much changing and rearranging until I've got everything I really want on there.

The Jester Wins

For truth.

Back in the Real World...

Things are still hectic, what with everyone scambling to find new jobs while swearing up and down that they're not. The wedding is just over a month away, so things are pretty crazy with that. Moving in has sort of been put on hold in the meantime. In fact, I'm sitting here in my officem, which currently contains nothing but a dish chair, a desk, and a lot of packing boxes and styrofoam that didn't seem to fit anywhere else.

Ah well, such is life...

Last, but Never Least

Happy Birthday to my dad (as of yesterday).


  1. good stuff...
    you should add imdb to your website list.
    hey I'll be in alex randomly this next thursday and a bit of friday, then maybe sunday night and a bit of monday...yeah I know weird but yeah we'll have to meet up sometime


  2. the truth will set you free